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In general

How does Yeldo work?

Yeldo is a new, simple, smart and profitable way of investing in real estate. Yeldo offers you the opportunity to become a co-owner in selected Swiss properties, investing in a transparent and informed manner. In particular, Yeldo is dedicated to:

  • Finding and selecting the best real estate investments in Switzerland
  • Providing you a personal consultant to help you choose the right investment for you
  • Selecting partner banks and negotiating advantageous financing terms
  • Raising the necessary funds to purchase properties
  • Coordinating the co-ownership, up to registration on the land register
  • Managing the properties during the investment
  • Providing you with a secondary market if you wish to liquidise your investment early

But Yeldo is also so much more! If you have any other questions about how we work, do not hesitate to contact us at info@yeldo.com.

Do I have to register with Yeldo to become a co-owner?

Yeldo registration is free, but are there any other obligations?

What information or documents can I consult directly on
Yeldo's website?

What is property co-ownership?

Can I become a co-owner of multiple properties?

If I have any further questions about properties, who can I contact?

What is the minimum amount you can invest in a property?

What happens if a property does not reach the investment target
due to a lack of investors?

Which property investment documents can be viewed in advance?

Can I see the property in person before investing?

How do I know the market value of a property found on Yeldo?

How is income paid?


I don't have any experience with co-ownership investments.
Can I still make a real estate investment using Yeldo?

Absolutely. Yeldo aims to make the property investment market accessible to all, especially those who have not previously had access to this type of investment proposals or who did not know they existed. 

In addition, our team works hard to provide you with detailed information and documents for each individual proposal and to ensure that you have a clear understanding of each property.

If you have any questions, our consultants will be happy to help you.

Are the properties purchased using only the co-owners' equity
or are there also mortgages?

As a co-owner, do I have joint liability with the bank that issued
the mortgage?

When I become a co-owner, I am registered on the land register.
Does this involve additional costs?

Are there any additional costs on top of the amount paid for
the property investment?

Which documents are issued to certify my co-ownership of the property?

Who manages the property after the purchase of the property?
What documents do I receive about its management?

What taxes will I need to pay if I become a co-owner?

What should I do if I want to sell my co-ownership shares?

What happens to the security fund when I sell my shares?

How long will I need to keep my property investment active
before I can sell my shares?

Where is my investment credited to?

What are the diversification options with Yeldo?


What exactly is the role of Yeldo?

Until now, only wealthy or institutional investors have had access to sound real estate investment proposals.

Yeldo's goal is to bring democracy to the real estate investment market, making it accessible to an increasing number of investors. With Yeldo, investing in multiple properties is no longer a problem.

Yeldo can also be used as a diversification tool for real estate investments for investors with greater financial resources: with Yeldo you can invest even large sums across various properties, drastically reducing the risk of lost profits.

Our team of experts is constantly adding new properties to our platform by means of a very rigid selection process that guarantees safe proposals.

This continuous flow of investment proposals allows anyone to invest in the real estate market, generating an excellent annual yield with the certainty of being registered on the land register as the co-owner of residential or commercial properties.

Within each investment's details pages you can find all the information laid out in a transparent manner: after selecting the amount you wish to invest, you can receive all the documentation related to the investment proposal right to your door in just a few clicks. Moreover, Yeldo provides a personal consultant who will guide you throughout the pre- and post-investment process.

For more information visit our page: www.yeldo.com/learn

Is Yeldo regulated by FINMA?

How does Yeldo earn its money?

What types of properties can be found on Yeldo?

Does Yeldo acquire co-ownership shares on individual properties?

What happens to my investments if Yeldo closes down?

How does Yeldo find its properties?

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