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How it works


Find properties you like among exclusive opportunities.
Become a co-owner.


In YELDO, we strive for excellence. We want to offer only the best real estate opportunities and we work hard to make sure that the quality of our properties is the best possible.

Each property is carefully selected and receives 3 separate evaluations:

  1. Evaluation from our expert team
  2. Evaluation from our real estate partner
  3. Evaluation from our mortgage provider

We perform meticulous due diligence of each asset and negotiate the best possible price and mortgage conditions. Only when we are totally satisfied with the quality achieved, we post the opportunity on our website.

Our service is fully transparent: we provide you with all the information necessary to evaluate each investment, and our experts are at your disposal at anytime.

You can invest from 25K CHF to 1M CHF. You can invest in one property or differentiate your risk investing smaller amounts on several properties.


Start earning regular income
from rent every month.


We manage your property holdings and make sure to maximize your return on investment. You don't have to worry about the hassle of managing or letting your property investment. Just relax and start receiving income from rent.

As soon as we receive enough funds, we complete the property purchase. We supervise the entire process of deal closing. Each co-owner is represented by our Legal Partner at the notary and land registry as power of attorney.

After the purchase is completed, you never need to worry about letting or managing your property investment. Yeldo takes care of every aspect on behalf of the co-owners. We do our best to maximize your return on investment.

Payments are made automatically, directly into your bank account. Every month you'll start receiving regular income from rent.

Hold or Sell

Hold your investments
or exit at any time.


With Yeldo, you become a co-owner of a property, and as such you are free to hold your investment or sell at any time.

Once you are a Yeldo's co-owner, there are two ways for you to exit the investment:

  1. Yeldo's property marketplace
    At any time, you can offer your property investment to other interested investors. Through our online property marketplace where investors can trade their property holdings.
    You can choose how much of your holdings you want to sell and determine the price at which you would like to sell.
  2. 5 years exit protection
    After five years the property is assessed by a third party evaluator and co-owners will be offered the possibility to sell their quota at a fair market value.

Why Yeldo?

  • Simple

    100% online. The easiest way to become co-owner of the best real estate properties in Switzerland.

  • Transparent

    We carefully select exclusive opportunities and provide you with all the necessary information to make the perfect investment choice.

  • Profitable

    Earn up to 7% per year. Receive cash from rent payments every month.

  • Hassle free

    After you invest, we take care of every aspect of your property investment. Just relax and let your wealth grow.

  • Exit at any time

    You can hold your investment or sell your co-ownership at any time thanks to our marketplace.

  • Diversify your portfolio

    With Yeldo you can invest smaller amounts in different properties to easily diversify your portfolio and reduce risks.

Who we are

Antonio Borgonovo

Co-founder and CEO

Antonio Borgonovo
Co-founder and CEO,

Antonio has extensive experience in managing digital ventures as well as business management and strategy. At Yeldo he is responsible for the operations and execution of Yeldo in Europe. Previously, he has been CEO of and management consultant at BCG. He also holds an MBA and a MSc. in Physics.

Hans Goessl

Co-founder and MD Switzerland

Hans Goessl
Co-founder and MD Switzerland

Hans has extensive experience in managing real estate businesses and investments. At Yeldo he is responsible for the operations and execution of Yeldo in Switzerland. Previously, he worked as CEO and founder of other ventures, realizing over 150€M real estate projects. He holds a master in business at University St. Gallen and studied digital marketing at Columbia University, in New York.

Investors & Advisors

Oskar Hartmann

Early investor

Oskar Hartmann
Early investor

Mr. Oskar Hartmann began his career at BMW (2004-2006) in Malaysia, before joining the Boston Consulting Group (2006-2008). In 2008 he founded — an online shopping club that sells discounted fashion goods. Within 6 years became the leading Russian fashion e-commerce company, reaching an annual revenue of about $200 million and raising about $140 million capital from external investors, such as Russia Partners, Accel Partners, Mangrove Capital Partners and Balderton Capital. In 2010, Mr. Hartmann founded Fast Lane Ventures — the Russia’s leading company in internet business and he joined the list of TOP-30 people in Russian internet business by Forbes magazine in 2011. He is also Founder & President of, a crowdfunding Real Estate platform in Russia. He is a serial entrepreneur and renowned expert in the internet industry and retail market. He holds MBA in Entrepreneurship from University of Hawaii and is Graduated in International Management from WHU (Otto Beisheim School of Management).

Teodoro D'Ambrosio

Early investor

Teodoro D’Ambrosio
Early investor

Mr. Teodoro D'Ambrosio is an Internet entrepreneur and investor. He has an active portfolio of more than 50 companies among which companies like: Airbnb, Beepi, Dreamlines, Adoreme, NU3, Carprice, Magicleap. Teodoro is founder and director of Hotelscan. Co-founder of Prior he was director and board member of Bravofly - Rumbo Group (today LMN:SW) and founder and director of Bravoavia (formerly Bravofly Russia).

Enrico Ceccato

Early investor

Enrico Ceccato
Early investor

Mr. Enrico Ceccato is a private equity investment professional with direct experience of executive management in industry with focus on turnarounds. For the last fifthteen years he worked as CEO/General Manager on a number of substantial and complex acquisitions and transformation programmes, including Sector Group (Watches) , (E Commerce), Autogrill/HMS (Food Catering),Fila Italia (Sportswear) and Killer Loop (Sunglasses and Sport Equipment). He received a degree in political science and economics from the University of Padua and a masters degree in hospitality services from Cornell University.

Andrea Conte

Early investor

Andrea Conte
Early investor

Mr. Andrea Conte is a technology entrepreneur with several years of experience in executive roles for leading Telco and ICT companies. For 20 years, he served as VP and Executive for major companies in Italy TELECOM ITALIA and FINMECCANICA and started up FASTWEB from 0 revenus to 1,7B€. Since 2011 he is founder and president of and, leading companies for chat based customer care services and innovation in the field of customer experience in Italy. He is also founder and CEO of, an online price comparison service for insurances, utilities and broadband services (EBITDA 3,5M€/Y). He holds a MSc. in electronic engineering from La Sapienza, Unversity of Rome, and received economic education from the London Business School and Bocconi University.

Yeldo is Coming Soon. Get notified.