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On Yeldo you become a co-owner of carefully selected properties and immediately receive a monthly income.

Why choose Yeldo?



Yeldo is the easiest way to become a co-owner of the best real estate investments in Switzerland. Thanks to our knowledge and expertise, we have created a unique and constantly evolving platform to allow you to manage and monitor all your investments 24/7, wherever you are and in total security. 




All the real estate investment information is shared with our clients. Our priority is to guarantee quality, sound and profitable real estate investment proposals. In addition, you will have a personal consultant at disposal to support and help you choose the best investment.




Our real estate investment proposals are subject to a rigorous evaluation process. We want to provide the best opportunities to guarantee the maximum return on your investment. Every month you will receive profits generated by your investments directly on your bank account




Once you have made the investment, you don't have to worry about a thing. Relax and watch your income grow! Our team will take care of the property management, saving you time and maximising your return, leaving you to plan your and your family's future with total peace of mind.


Sell anytime


Your capital is never tied down. Making property investments liquid is our highest priority, and that is why we have created a marketplace where you can look for buyers for your shares at any time. Moreover, once you sell the shares, you may be able to enjoy potential increase of the property value.


Diversify your portfolio


Diversifying your investment portfolio is key to mitigating risk. With Yeldo you can easily invest in multiple properties, diversifying your portfolio's geography and asset type. You can therefore create a highly diversified property portfolio, reducing the risks of your investments.


Investment proposals

  • Total purchase priceCHF 8.65M.-
  • Equity to be raisedCHF 2.9M.-
  • Yield7.5 %
  • Property TypeCommercial
  • Term5 Years
  • Total purchase priceCHF 4.25M.-
  • Equity to be raisedCHF 1.7M.-
  • Yield6.58 %
  • Property TypeResidential
  • Term5 Years



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